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Welcome to Reception, Year 1 and 2

Bespoke Phonics Scheme

Our scheme is based on the progression of sounds used in Bug Club Phonics Books which we believe to be the best on the market at this time.

We use Phonicsplay planning and resources which have been amended to follow this sequence of learning of the phonemes and graphemes.

We will work through the Bug Club sets of phonemes from set 1 to set 27.

We have then written or adapted Phonicsplay planning to cover the remaining sounds in 2 units we have called set 28 and set 29.

We conclude the scheme using Phonicsplay 5b and 5d to practise alternative pronunciations, prefixes and suffixes.

Learning new phonemes and graphemes and applying our skills

For most sets of books and phonemes there will be a “learning week” and an “applying week”.

The learning week will either follow the phonics play planning (phase 2-4) or our adapted planning (phase 5).

The applying week will be a guided reading week which is set out on phase 5 pages and should follow the format below for phases 2-4. The learning weeks for phase 4 may be grouped together followed by a few weeks of guided reading. There are extra guided reading books on several levels – especially after set 8. These extra guided reading books can be used at the discretion of the teacher depending on how much additional practice the group of children need.

School Bespoke Phonics Scheme Overview

The adults in Class 1 are Ms N Lewis and Miss S Thompson

Mrs McCay and Mrs Smith.

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