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The Governors of Welburn CP School work together with the Headteacher to create an environment that will benefit and enhance your child's learning and personal growth.

Our Governing Body meets regularly throughout the year and participate in all aspects of school life.  

It is made up from a range of people and backgrounds.

Parent Governors are parent elected.

Staff Governors are elected by the school staff.

LA Governors are NYCC appointed.

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body.

Name of Governor Category of Governor Start Date Term Committee
Tim Steel

FGB Vice Chair


Vice Chair





4 years Chair - Finance

Chair - Premises

Helen Thomson Head teacher N/A N/A Personnel



Sylvia Haines C-opted 30/06/16 4 years Finance


Sarah Marsden


Staff 01/03/15 4 years N/A
Elizabeth Wilson Clerk