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Early Years (four and five year olds)

Our Early Years pupils are part of our Oak Class- Reception to Year2.

However, in the Early Years our pupils follow their own bespoke curriculum based on hygge principles.

This is an attitude to life that focuses on enjoying the everyday routines and activities and encourages our pupils to live in the moment. We have created a calm and cosy learning area in the classroom for our youngest pupils.

Hygge also focuses on the importance of nature and the natural world. This love of the outdoors is very important to us at Welburn for all our pupils from Reception to Year 6.

Our school has lovely grounds and is surrounded by fields and woods to be explored. Throughout their time at Welburn, all pupils will learn in and about the outdoors whenever possible.

We allow each child to develop and mature at their own pace so this creates the right foundations for future learning in all subjects. We are happy for our youngest pupils to attend full-time in the year they are 5 or  we also work with our families to allow the appropriate time at school depending on an individual’s needs and development.

Early Years Curriculum